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Creating Private Pages & User Groups

There are many instances when you may need to provide content with limited access, so only those visitors who have been given a username and password can access and view certain pages.

If you are wanting to create Private Galleries you must create user groups for the Galleries via the Gallery Wizard, and not via the Access tab in the admin as described here.

For instructions on creating private galleries click here.

Creating User Groups

You must first create a User Group which is done via the Access tab in the main admin.
Click on the Groups button and then enter a name for your new group and press the Add button.

Create a User

  • Once you have created a user group, click on the Users link/button.
  • Enter a username of at least five characters. It is best to use one word without spaces. Only use alphanumeric characters and hyphens.
  • Enter a password of at least six characters. Don't use spaces, but include upper and lower case letters plus at least one number to make the password secure.
  • Retype the password to make sure it is entered correctly.
  • Enter a display name. This can be the family surname (if it is for a client). Otherwise use any suitable name.
  • Enter an email address for this user. If there is no specific email address you can just enter a fictional one.
  • Home Folder should be left as None.
  • Select the Group you created.
  • Press the Add button and your new user has been created.

You can create additional users of the same group if you want to give different people a different login username and password. This is useful if you want to be able to disable access to certain people after a period of time.

Assigning a User Group to a Page

Once you have created your user group and users, you can now assign the appropriate groups to a private or registered page.

In the main pages tab of the admin click on the Settings icon for the page. You will then be able to select the visibility of the page. Select either Private of Registered.

If you select Private then you will need to have another page which is set to Registered so that the visitor can login. A page that is Private will only appear if the user has already logged in elswhere on your website.

If you set the visibility of the page to Registered then that page will display a login form that allows the user to login and view the page contents (along with any other page/s on your site for which they have been given access.

Selecting either Private or Registered will display all the User Groups that have been created, along with tick boxes. To assign any groups to this page simply tick the appropriate user groups).