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The Page Editor Instant Templates

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Page templates

The INSTANT one-click page content templates facility allows you to insert up to nine professional page layouts with one click.

Just click the templates button and select one of the templates. Your page will then display the selected template with placement text and images. Simply replace the placement text and photos with your own.

You can also add multiple templates to any page, making your page layouts infinitely variable. To add additional templates to the same page (or add a template below your own existing content) untick the box Replace actual contents. If you leave this box ticked, the template will replace any content already on that page.

QUICK TIP: To replace one of the placement photos in the instant page layouts...

  1. Prepare and resize your photos to the approx size shown on the placement image
  2. Right click on the placement photo in the page editor and select 'Image Properties'
  3. Click on the 'Upload' tab and press the 'Browse' button to select the photo you prepared and press 'Send it to the Server'

Your image will then replace the placement image.