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Enquiry Forms

Every website comes complete with a standard email enquiry form which allows your visitors to send messages and enquiries to your email address. You can also add extra form fields to collect more information, or add new enquiry forms on any other page. These are ideal to use as booking enquiry forms etc.

Adding an Enquiry Form to a Page

Open the page where you want to insert a form (or create a new page).

Click on Manage Sections link (top right in the page editor) and add a new section called Form from the list of options.

Click on the form link to return to the page editor. You will now see the Form Manager appear below your WYSIWYG section.

Click on the Add Field button and select one of the field options, and enter a suitable title that you want to appear next to the field.

Make sure that you include a field for the visitor's email address, and select the special field type Email Address. This is important, otherwise you will not receive the messages.

Once you have added all the fields that you require, click on the FORM SETTINGS button and enter your own email address in the Email To field, and select the email field you created from the Email From options.

Add your subject text and other options as as shown here.

Recorded Messages

Whenever a visitor completes the form the message will be sent to your email address. The message will also be recorded and saved below the form manager, so you can always view old messages, even if you are unable to check your email.