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Content Blocks (Page Areas)

Your website template includes multiple content blocks (separate editable sections of your template). The main (default) content area is the main page content block, and this is the one that you will work with whenever you add and edit your pages.

Main Page Area

main page areaThis is the default Main Page Area (block) that is used whenever you create a new page, and it displays your content within the main page area of your template as represented in the diagram.

If your template uses the left column menu (Delta Template) then your main page area will look like this.

The content that you are reading now is in this main page area on this website.




Title Banner Area

title banner areaThe Title Banner Block area is often used to insert the website title banner or logo (just like this website). You can change your banner at any time by editing the page TITLE BANNER and replace the current banner with your own. Make your banners exactly 960 pixels wide. The height is variable.

You can also display a different title banner on a specific page. This is ideal if you want to display a different banner style for a page (eg: you could have one banner for portrait pages, and another banner for wedding pages).




To add a different title banner on a page, open that page in the editor and press the Manage Sections link (top right of the editor). Then press the Add button.

manage sections facility

This will add a new WYSIWYG section to that page. Change the BLOCK type of that section to TITLE BANNER. Click on the WYSIWYG link to return to the page editor and you will see the new blank editor section below the first one.

You can now insert your new banner into this section and it will appear in your banner area only on that page (it replaces the default banner for that page only).

IMPORTANT: When you insert your new banner into the editor, click on it to select it, and then select Normal (DIV) in the Paragraph Options. This will remove any extra padding or space around your banner, making it fit neatly without any spaces.

Photo Banner Area

photo bannerThe Photo Banner Area appears directly below the Title Banner, and above the menu bar (in Alpha templates).

You can edit the default photo banner in exactly the same way as editing the title banner described above. Just edit the PHOTO BANNER page for the default banner, and if creating a different photo banner for a page then select the block type Photo Banner in the Manage Sections.





Page Banner Area

page banner areaThe Page Banner Area appears below the menu bar (in Alpha templates) and above the main page content. This is often used to display full width slide shows above the main content.

The background of this section is also transparent, so it does not share the same background colour of the main page area.

There is no default page banner, so this block must be added to each page when required using the same method as described above (using the Manage Sections link in the page editor).



Footer Area

footer areaThe Footer Page Area appears directly below the main page area (as shown on this page below), and is often distinguished by having a different background colour to separate it from the rest of the page template.

It does not have a default content, so you can add it to any page as and when required using the Manage Sections link described above.





Fixed Footer Area

This block uses default content which is used to insert copyright info as well as any links and/or banners you may require at the very bottom of your website (such as Facebook and Twitter links etc).

You can edit this area via the page called FIXED FOOTER.

Left Column Area Delta Templates

left column bottomThe Left Column Bottom Area appears below the menu on Delta templates, and this can be used to insert banners or links etc as and when required.

It has a default content which can be edited via the page LEFT COLUMN BOTTOM. You can also display different content in this area for specific pages using the Manage Sections method described above.

The max width of this area is 160 pixels, so any banners or images that you wish to appear in this area should beresized to no more than 160 pixels wide.