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Website Page Editor Guide

Quick Links

Instant Page Layout Templates
Learn how to add professional page layouts with one click.

Editing and Formatting your Text
Learn how to add text to pages and use the advanced formatting tools, including how to insert page links etc.

Inserting Photos and Graphics into Pages
Learn how to prepare and resize your photos for display within your pages.

Using the Template Content Blocks
Each website comes with multiple editable areas to make your website unique.

Adding Enquiry Forms
You can create as many enquiry forms as you like, with multiple form fields. Ideal for use for order enquiries etc.

Adding New Pages
You can create as many pages and sub-pages as you like.

Creating & Managing User Groups for Private Pages
When you want to limit access to certain pages, follow these instructions.

The Page Editor Tool Bar

The page editor includes all of the formatting tools that you will need to add and edit your text on any page. It resembles the tool bar on any word processor, and includes special tools for inserting video and images. The following screen shots list all of the tools available.

Top Row Tool Bar

Top row tool bar


Middle Row Tool Bar

Middle row tool bar

Bottom Row Tool Bar

Bottom Row Tool Bar


Website Page Editor Video Tutorials

Video 1: Page Editor Basics
Learn how to format your text and add internal page links and external links to other websites.
Click to view the video

Video 2: Inserting a single Image into a Web Page
Learn how to insert and position an image into a web page.
Click to view the video

Video 3: Inserting & Arranging Multiple Images on a Page using a Table
Learn how to arrange multiple images in a row using a table.
Click to view the video

Video 4: Advanced Page Layout Techniques
Learn how to modify your table and insert images and text to create complex page layouts.
Click to view the video

For tutorial videos on the Pro-Gallery click here