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This exclusive PopIT LinX feature allows you to sell any product or service on any page of your website, simply by entering the item name and price in a PopITLynx code anywhere on a page. You can also include a photo of the item simply by adding the photo ID as an attribute in the code.

You can also add a text field for customers to enter a name or other reference that you require for the product or service (ideal for personalised photo products) and up to three options such as Size and Colour etc. Whatever the product or service, you can sell it with our PopIT Shop.

Orders are added to a PayPal basket, so your customers can browse your site and keep adding products at any time. When they checkout and purchase the goods, you both get an email from PayPal confirming the purchase details.

  • All PopITShop buttons begin and end with the usual PopITLynx square brackets [[ ... ]]
  • The first character is B (for button) followed by the price of the item or service (entered as a decimal number eg: 19.95).
  • The second required attribute is the item name which is defined as item=Name of the Item
  • The rest of the code is made up of optional attributes. See bottom of page for list.

PopITShop Examples

Please note that these products are demo samples only and they are not available to purchase.

Pay Now Button

To collect a variable amount such as a deposit, use this type of button..

Payment£ Deposit Ref:

This is the actual code used to display the button above...

[[B0:item=Payment:text=Deposit Ref:display=row]]


Buy Now Button

To sell a product at a specific price, use this button...

Portrait Session£100

This is the actual code used to produce the button above...

[[B100:item=Portrait Session:display=row]]


Button with Customer Reference

This example displays a photo and a text field for the customer to enter the reference of the photo they want on the mug. It can also be used for collecting additional information such as names and session dates etc.

The PopIT code for this button is shown below...

Photo Mug
Have your very own personalised photo mug. Ideal gift for any occasion.
Custom Photo Mug
Photo Ref:
[[B12.95:item=Custom Photo Mug:text=Photo Ref:photo=585:border=white:bkg=silver]]

Button with Reference & Options

This example photo product comes in 2 base colours, so your customers can enter the photo reference and select the colour of the bag they want. You can have up to 3 different options.

The PopIT code for this button is shown below...

custom cosmetic bag
Photo Bag
Photo Ref:
[[B24.95:item=Photo Bag:text=Photo Ref:photo=582:option1=Colour,Green,Brown]]


Required Minimum Attributes

These are the minimum attributes that a PopITShop button requires...

Always start the code with [[B
B stands for Button

Then add the item or service price as a decimal eg: 100.00

Then enter the item (or service) name as :item=Photo Session Booking Fee
Always start a new attribute with the colon

Finaly close the code with the square brackets ]]

The full code example above looks like...
[[B100.00:item=Photo Session Booking Fee]]

Optional Attributes

Adding a Photo
Upload your product photos into a gallery via the Gallery Wizard so that you can then simply add a reference to the photo ID as an attribute. The gallery does not have to be added to any portfolio or page. It is simply used to store your PopITShop product photos. You should give each photo a title and description which will then appear under the photo when your customers click on them.

Add the photo ID as an attribute like this :photo=586
Where 586 is the ID of the photo

Adding a Text Field
If you want your customers to enter their name or some other text reference that is required with the order then you can create a text field simply by entering the following attribute...
:text=Your Name

Adding Selectable Options
If your product or service comes with multiple options such as Size and Colour etc, then you can create up to three select boxes that contain all the options you need.

For example, if your product comes in four sizes (small, medium, large, X large) then you would add the following attribute...
:option1=Size,Small,Medium,Large,X Large

If it also comes in three colours (white, black, yellow) then you would create another attribute...

You could also add a third option using :option3=

Note that the first value after the equal sign is the option type (eg: Size) which appears next to the select box as the title. The other values (comma separated) are the actual option values.

Adding a Border
If you want to add a border around your button area (see examples above) then simply add the following attribute...
You can also use hex values :border=#CCCCCC

Adding a Background Colour
You set the background colour by adding the following attribute...
You can also use hex values :bkg=#FFFFFF