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PopIT Random Photo

You can display a random selected photo from any of your FS Galleries simply by adding the following PopIT Ref into your page...


Where R indicates this ref is a random photo, and the number is the gallery ID. Centre the ref as shown above to make the photo centred on your page. You could also make the photo appear within a table cell if you want it to display in a specific place on your page.

Refresh this page (press F5) to see this photo change at random.


Optional Parameters

The default display is the full size photo with no border and a 15px margin (space) around the photo. The following parameters are optional...

Image Size
Default is full size (large) version.
To display medium size version (max 500x500 pixels) use: size=medium
To display thumbnail version (max 150x150 pixels) use: size=thumb

Image Border
Default is no border. To add a 1 pixel coloured border use: imgborder=black

Image Margin
Default is 15 pixels. To change this use: margin=5 (where the size is in pixels).

If you want to wrap your page text around the random photo then set the alignment.
The default is no alignment (this allows you to use the centre alignment in the page editor as shown above).

To align the photo to the left (and text to the right) use: align=left
To align the photo to the right (and text to the left) use: align=right
To align text to the top of the photo use: align=top
To align text to the bottom of the photo use: align=bottom