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Creating Private Galleries

If you want to display private galleries on your website then follow these simple steps.

importantSteps 1 & 2 will have already been done for your when your website was created (you should have a page called Private Galleries) - so you can ignore these steps unless you don't have the Private Galleries page already setup.

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Step 1: Create a Registered Page

Create a new page and give it a suitable name (eg: Private Galleries) and set the Visibility to Registered.

Setting a page to Registered makes that page display a login form. 

If you have already created some user groups then you will see them listed when you select Registered as the visibility option. Just tick the ones that you want to give access to this page.

Make a Registered page
Create a new page to display the private galleries and set the visibility of the page to Registered.

Step 2: Create a Portfolio

Create a new portfolio that will be used to hold all your private galleries and add it to the registered page that was created in Step 1. You can call this portfolio anything you like, but I have named my example Private Galleries.

Once this step is done you only ever have to follow step 3 each time you create a new private gallery.

Create a portfolio
Create a portfolio to hold all the private galleries.

Step 3: Create a Private Gallery

Create a gallery as normal, but when the wizard asks you to set the Status, select the Private option. This will then display a list of any existing user groups that you have created (if any) so that you can simply tick the ones that you want to give access to this gallery.

If you want to create a new user group then enter a suitable name and give them a unique username and password. This will assign that user group to the gallery so that they will be the only group that can see the gallery when they login via the Private Galleries page.

When the wizard asks you to add the gallery to a portfolio, select the Private Galleries portfolio (or whatever you decided to call it).

Create a new user group
To make a gallery private set the status to PRIVATE and then create a new user group, or select from your existing user groups.

Your Private Galleries page will now display a login form so that your clients can login with the username and password that you have given them. If their login is accepted they will then see their private gallery.

You can add as many private galleries to this portfolio page as you like, which is much easier than creating a separate page for each new client. Use the gallery description text to include any specific information for each client.

Private Galleries Login
When you set the visibility of any page to Registered it will display the login form.
Viewing a Private Gallery
When your registered user logs in they will then see their private gallery.