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Price Range Manager

A price range is a number of product price options, such as print sizes, mounts and finishes (gloss, matt etc) where each variation of options will be charged at a different price. For example, a 10x8 unmounted gloss print will cost less than a 10x8 mounted gloss print.

You may also wish to provide additional product options such as Canvas prints, or even printed Tee Shirts, so these need to have their own prices according to the available options.

You can add as many product options as you like in a price range.
Our example below (we have called Standard Prices) includes Photo Prints with multiple size and finish options, Photo Mugs that have no additional options, and Image File which does not incur carriage charges.

Once you have setup your price range you can then assign it to any of your galleries so that they will appear in the basket like this...
click to see how the Standard Price range we created appears in the basket

Price Ranges

price ranges

To select a Price Range to view and edit just select it from the list.
You will then be taken to the Product Types editor as described in the tab below.

Create a new Price Range

create new price range

You can create multiple price ranges, where each range includes options that are unique to a specific set of galleries.

This allows you to setup (for example) a 'Fine Art' price range for your fine art galleries which may only include photo prints at  premium prices, and another price range (eg: Standard Prices) for your other galleries which contain more variety of options.

To create a new Price Range just enter a suitable name.

Product Options

product options

You first create and setup all the product options that you are likely to need, such as Print Sizes, Mount styles etc etc.
You can add options even if you don't intend to offer them at the moment.
At this stage all you are doing is creating a list of possible product options.

To edit the options click on the [edit] link.
You can then add or edit the option values as shown below...

edit options


Create a New Product Option

create new option

To add a new product option enter the name here.

An example might be Canvas Prints which are available in multiple sizes, so you would create a new Product Option called Canvas Prints, and then add the available sizes as described in the Product Options section above.

Product Types

When you have selected a price range to edit, you will see the Product Types editor (shown below) which is where you add the type of products that you wish to sell in this price range.

This example includes Photo Prints as the product type, and it is available in a variety of size and finish options, so we set the Type to OPT (options). This displays the [edit] link which allows you to add the appropriate product options that we created in the steps described above.

The second product type we added is Photo Mug which does not have any options, so we set the Type to STD (standard) and entered the price of the mug.

The last product type we added is Hi-Res Image File which is the file we send direct to the customer via a file transfer service, so we set the Type to EDF (electronic delivered file) and entered the price.


product types editor

To add a new Product Type simply enter a short ref code and a description.

  • If your product has multiple options the select Type = OPT
  • If your product has no options then select Type = STD and enter the price
  • If your product is a file that will be delivered via email or file transfer then select Type = EDF and enter the price.

Disc and Cost is not required. These are for future releases of the software.

Product Option Prices

When you set a product type to OPT, it will display the [edit] link below the product.
Click this and it will allow you to select any of the product options appropriate for this product, and select the option values that you wish to offer, and enter the price for each variation as shown below...

option values