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Gallery Manager

Access the Gallery Manager via the wizard main menu 'Manage one of my Galleries'

The manager includes multiple sections which are explained below.


Gallery Title

gallery title

Click the [edit] button to change the gallery title.


gallery description

Click the [edit] button to change the gallery description.

The gallery description is optional.
You can add unlimited text and include html formatting as required.

Photos in this gallery

photos in gallery

This displays the number of photos currently added to this gallery.

Click the [edit] button to view the photos in the gallery. You will then be able to edit the display order as well as add/edit image titles and descriptions, and also remove or add photos.

This shows the photos in the gallery, and the edit options.

Select the photos that you want to edit and you will then see the option to set the display order of the photos in the gallery (as shown below).

You can also select to edit the image titles and descriptions, or remove the selected images from the gallery. Removing the images from the gallery does not delete them from your file store folder, so you can add them to another gallery if required.

editing the photos in the gallery

Add more photos

add more photos

Click [GO] to add more photos to this gallery.

This will display your file store folders where you can select the phots that you want to add to this gallery. Any photos that are already in the gallery will be highlighted in green.

add photos from file store

To add all the photos in a folder into the gallery just click the [Select All] button
... and then press the [add to gallery] button.

Title image

title image

This shows the current selected image that will be used as the gallery title image.
By default, this is always the first image that was added to the gallery.

To change the photo simply press the [edit] button and all the current photos in the gallery will be listed, so you can tick the one you want to use.

select a title image

The title image is always cropped square (at 250x250 pixels) so that the gallery display is neatly aligned, but you can prevent this by seting the crop option shown above to NO.



This shows which portfolios this gallery has been added to, and the page that the portfolio appears on.
You can access the portfolio manager by clicking on the portfolio name.

To add this gallery to another portfolio (you can add a gallery to multiple portfolios) click the [edit] button. You will then see the list of current portfolios which you can select (or untick to remove the gallery from a portfolio).

add gallery to a portfolio

If you want to add this gallery to a new Portfolio then you can create one instantly by just entering a new portfolio name. You will then be taken to the portfolio manager where it will ask you to add the new portfolio to a web page. Create a new page if you have not already done so and then return to the portfolio manager to complete this step.

Price Range

price range

If your website is eCommerce enabled then you can select a price range for this gallery so that visitors can purchase prints and pay for them via any credit/debit card.

To add a price range press the [edit] button and you can then select the appropriate price range from the options listed.

select a price range

You can edit your price ranges (via the price range manager) even after you have added them to galleries, and any changes will be auto-applied.



You can make any gallery public or private. This shows the current status of your gallery.

To change the staus press the [edit] button.

If your gallery is currently public then select private if you want to limit access to this gallery to selected user groups.

make gallery private

You can select any current user groups from those listed, or create a new user group as shown above.

A user group is usually the name of the client, and you would then send the username and password to all the members of that group or family.

Once a gallery has been set as private, it will not be visible on the website unless the visitor has logged is using the correct username and password issued to them.

alertPrivate galleries should be added to a portfolio that has been added to a page with the page visibility set to 'Registered'. This will auto-display the login form when a visitor clicks on that page. If they then login with a valid username and password they will then see their private gallery (or galleries).

A private galleries page will have been setup on your website at the start of your account with Click IT Internet. Just add any private galleries that you create to the private galleries portfolio so that your clients will have easy and quick access to view their proofs.

page settings

To change the 'visibility' of any page click on the page settings icon (or the Change Settings link in the page editor) and you will see the options above. The Private Galleries page shown here is set to Registered, so it will only display a login form. If a visitor then enters a valid username and password then the page will instantly display their private galleries.

Each time you create a new user group in the Gallery Manager it will be auto-added to the Allowed Viewers list shown above.

NOTE... as the editor, you can see ALL private galleries when you are logged in.

Delete Gallery

delete the gallery

If you no longer need this gallery then pressing the delete button will remove it (after first being asked to confirm the delete).

Any photos in the gallery will not be deleted, so if you wish to delete the photos then you should do this via the 'Manage my File Store' option in the main menu.