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Full Screen Galleries (FSG)

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You can display any gallery that you create in a full screen display, even on massive 27" monitors.
This is ideal for presenting an impressive display of your best work, or for client previews etc.

Click here to view our demo FSG

Important: Images for this display should be uploaded at much larger sizes than those used in the thumbnail galleries, so it is better to create new galleries specially to display larger photos. Don't display galleries in the FSG that you use for your normal thumbnail display because the photos will not be large enough, and they will lose quality when the FSG expands them to fit large monitor screens.
Full Screen Gallery
These are all the elements explained in the display.


Creating your FSG  

1: First create a portfolio in the normal way.
This will be used to hold all the galleries that you want to display in the full screen.
Once you have created a portfolio you will see the FSG section in the Portfolio Manager which presents you with a unique URL to the FSG and a special PopIT Code that you can use to add links on any of your pages.

Portfolio Manager FSG Section
This shows the FSG section that appears in the Portfolio Manager.
2: Prepare your photos at circa 1200x900 pixels and at 72dpi
Try to keep the max image height to around 900 pixels. Images that are smaller than this may be expanded when viewed on very large monitors, and they will lose quality.
3: Upload the photos for a gallery via the wizard uploader.
After uploading, press the process images button from the main wizard menu as normal and you can then create a new gallery for them and add them to the portfolio you created. The gallery and all its images will then be visible in the FSG.


Adding Links to your FSG  
The FSG section in the Portfolio Manager displays the URL to the FSG and a special PopIT Code. You can either use the URL in a link (text or image) on any page, just like any other link, or you can copy and paste the PopIT Code on the page within your text and it will auto-generate the correct link.  


Using the PopIT Code Method

The easiest way to add a link to your FSG is to copy the PopIT Code from the Portfolio Manager and paste it on your page in the page editor. This will then auto-generate the correct link for you using the words 'View the Gallery' as the link text. 

You can change the default link text to your own words. Just enter the text you want to use as the link into the code like this [[F50:txt=Click to view my Gallery]] and it will be converted to a link on the page using those words as the link text.

In this example the 50 refers to the portfolio ID, so this will change depending on your own portfolio ID.

Using the PopIT Code method
The eaiest way to auto-generate a link to open your FSG is to use the PopIT Code method.

Creating Manual Links to your FSG in the Page Editor

If you want to make an image or graphic a link to open your FSG then use the following manual method.

For a text link... highlight the text and press the chain link icon
For an image link... click on the image to select it and then press the chain link icon

Creating an image link manually
Steps to make any image a link to open the FSG. You can use the same steps to make any text into a link.
Paste the URL from the Portfolio Manager into the URL field and then press the Target tab  
Select <popup window> as the target and enter a short reference (eg: FSG1) into the window name field (this is required if you have more than one link to a FSG on one page).
Tick the boxes indicated on the example shown here...
The popup window settings
These are the settings you need to make the FSG open in a new window with the minimum of browser clutter.