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File Store Manager

importantWhen you upload photos for display in your galleries, these photos are stored in folders on your website in the same way that you store your photos in folders on your computer.

You can add any photos from any folders into a gallery, so you don't need to store all your photos for one gallery in one folder. This makes it easy to create a gallery that contains photos from multiple folders.

You should always store your photos in suitable named folders so that they are easy to find.
You can also create sub-folders, so you can create a tidy folder structure.

When naming your folders, only use letters and numbers.

The file store manager displays your folders initially at root (top) level.
If you have created any sub-folders then these will be indicated in the SubDir column.
The number of photos currently in each folder is shown in the Files column.
You can rename a folder by pressing the Rename icon.

To view the photos in a folder click on the folder icon.

file store list

The folder list view below shows all the photos in the selected folder.
If there are any sub-folders then they will show in the folders top section.
You can return to the parent folder by clicking on the parent folder name (or Root).

filestore photos

Moving or Deleting Photos from Folders

If you want to move some photos to another folder, or delete them, simply tick the photo select boxes and press [Select Ticked] button. You will then have the options to move them to another folder or press the delete button.

selected photos

Deleting photos from file store folders will also delete them from any galleries that may have added them to.