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Pro Gallery eCommerce

If you have the eCommerce website then you will see additional menu options in the Click IT Utilities section of your admin which are explained here.

eCommerce Settings

In order to activate your eCommerce to allow payments into your PayPal account you just need to enter your PayPal account email address into the eCommerce settings as shown below...

ecommerce settings

Complete the other fields using your own details.

Customer History

After you have processed a number of customer orders you may need to find a customer's contact details or view their past orders, perhaps to reprint an invoice or send a statement.

The customer history lists all your customers who have made a purchase. These are displayed in alpha order, and you can also search by customer surname.

customer list

Click on a customer to view their contact details and their previous orders as shown below.

customer details

Click on the transaction ref and you will then see the full order details, from where you can reprint an invoice or a despatch note.

FS Gallery Orders

Credit Card & PayPal Payments

Whenever you get a credit card order you will receive a notification email from PayPal confirming payment. Also, if the customer pressed the [return to merchant] button in PayPal after they completed the payment, you will also receive an email confirmation of the order details. The order will also appear in Payments by Paypal in this section.

Cheque Payments

If you accept cheque payments (we can switch this option on or off) then these orders do not send any email confirmations because you should not process any cheque orders until after you have received the cheque with the printed order form. The order will, however, appear in the current orders listing under Payments by Cheque.

Pending Orders

If someone places an order and completes their account registration on your website, but they do not press they [return to merchant] button on PayPal, then these orders will appear as Unverified Pending Orders as shown below. You can click to view these pending orders and (if you have received the confirmation from PayPal) process the order as normal.

Note: sometimes people may start an order but later decide not to continue with payment, so these will also appears as unverified pending orders. In these cases you may decide to contact them to check if they were having difficulty, or discuss alternative ways to make payment.

orders received

Click on the transaction ref to view the full order details.

Processing Orders

The full order details screen displays everything you need in order to process the order as shown below.
You can also click on the image icon to view the photo.

order details

In this order example we had set a tariff band where orders over £50 had free delivery.