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Carriage Tariff Rates Management

The eCommerce version uses a carriage rates facility that allows you to set your own charges for delivery based on
Order Value (Price Bands) and the Destination Country (Zone).

Price Bands

You can create as many price bands as you like, but the default setup includes four bands, covering order values shown below.

The first band should always start with the lowest possible order value (1p in this example), and the last band must always be a high order value that is unlikely to be achieved.

In our example Band 4 covers all orders over £50

carriage bands

To change the band ranges simply click the [edit] link.

Make sure that your price band values do NOT overlap, or you will get incorrect carriage calculations.

Country Zones

Zones are groups of countries that all share the same carriage costs.

You can create as many country carriage zones as required, but the default zones (for UK based business) are shown in the example below.

carriage zones

To add or remove countries from a zone click on the [list] link and you will see the countries currently associated to the zone in the top list, and all countries in the World listed below.

Here you can remove a country from the zone (top list), or add another country to this zone(bottom list).


Tariff Rates

Once you have defined the carriage bands and the zones, you can then assign the appropriate tariff rates for each band in each zone as shown below.

In this example you can see that for UK deliveries, any orders over £50 are free of charge (free delivery over £50).

carriage rates