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PopIT LinX

exclusiveThis powerful and exclusive feature was developed for our website system, and it provides advanced page display facilities that can make your pages and content easier for visitors to access and view.

This support website makes full use of this feature, and you will see them in action whenever you see content in coloured panels (like this paragraph of text), popup pages and images, slide shows, tabs and accordian displays. We also use them for creating instant Buy Now buttons, random photos and many more.

The PopIT Code [[ ... ]]

  • All PopIT codes are entered into your page editor just like normal text.
  • They always start with two square brackets [[ and then end with two closing square brackets ]]
  • Between these enclosing brackets, you enter specific parameters that tell the program what to display.
  • This manual will explain how to use specific parameters to display the required effect.

PopIT Pages

There are many instances when you may want to provide more information on a page, but you don't want to make the page too long or look too cluttered.

This is where you can use the PopIT Page feature which allows you to turn any text or image into a link which will open a popup window with whatever content you like.

Click on this link to see an example PopIT Page in action.

You can use text, buttons or any photos as links to open a PopIT Page.

These windows are not affected by any popup blockers, and they can be set to any size you like, so they can be small enough just to display a few lines of text, or large enough to display big photos or maps etc.

The viewer can also open multiple windows and drag them around the screen.

Read the full PopIT Page guide...

PopIT Images

Inserting standard images into pages is easy using the page editor, but what if you would like to insert a link or a small photo (or photos) on your page which enlarged when clicked, just like this example.

It is possible to use javascript to do this on any website, but if you don't know how to code in javascript then this is not an option.

Using the PopIT Image feature, anyone can insert text, or a button, or a thumbnail or any graphic which enlarges into a full size photo when clicked, just like these examples...

Using a text link to open a photo

Click here to view the photo.

Using a Button Graphic as a link

Using a Small Text Button as a link - no graphic required

Click here to view the photo

Inserting Gallery Thumbnails

Portrait Photo
This gallery photo is inserted into this page using the PopIT Image facility.
You can also insert any photos from any of your galleries anywhere in your pages, and they will enlarge complete with the image title and description. This is ideal when you just want to include a few sample photos on a page without presenting the full gallery.

Read how to insert PopIT Images here...

PopIT Slide Shows

Unlike other website solutions, the Click IT website system allows you to insert a slide show of any size anywhere on any page.

You can specify what size you want, the transition speed and type (fade, crossfade or swipe), include a thumbnail row (on top, bottom, left or right), or leave it without a thumbnail row, and even specify how you want the images to fit (cropped or uncropped).

You can insert the slide show into a table cell, or add it into your website banner space to create a smooth banner.

You can even display multiple slide shows on a single page.

Read the slide show guide here...