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Mobile Smart-Phone Galleries

With our new mobile phone gallery feature you can now create a presentation that will work perfectly on any smart phone, including full swipe capability.

Step 1: Create a new Portfolio. The portfolio title can be your business name or any other title, and enter your intro text into the portfolio description.

Step 2: Create some new Galleries and add them to the Portfolio created in step 1.
Note: you will need to add the portfolio to a page temporarily while you add multiple galleries. You can remove the portfolio from the page afterwards.

Add a couple of dozen photos into each gallery (don't add too many photos because few visitors on mobiles will have the patience to sift through large galleries).

Step 3: Open the Gallery Wizard Settings. You will see the option for Mobile Galleries. Just select the portfolio you created in step 1.

Your mobile website will now appear automatically on mobile phones (you may require a website code update if this does not happen, so please contact support)

You can also view your mobile gallery direct on

View our demo mobile website on your phone by visiting...

Mobile phone galleries Mobile phone galleries

It is not practical to convert a full size website for use on mobiles because the page content and number of galleries is too large for mobile display. This is why we use a separate mobile website solution so that the content can be optimised for mobile display. This avoids the problem of large websites that take too long to load on mobiles, and result in very long page scrolls.

The objective with any mobile website is "keep it simple" and it will load much faster, as well as reducing the amount of scrolling required. The visitor then gets the information they require, and can visit you main site for more info later.