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Server Status

Our server status page at displays any current issues with our website service, so please check this first if you are experiencing problems viewing your website. Any issues on the servers are usually resolved within the hour.

AOL Email Problems

Due to the long term and global problems with all AOL email accounts we strongly advise using an alternative email account such as your own domain email (that we provide) or a gmail account. Many emails sent to aol accounts can be blocked for no valid reason, and there is no known solution.

Important IE10 Browser Notice

There are problems with the latest browser from Microsoft (IE10) which are not compatible with many website editors including ours, and Microsoft have yet to fix these issues. This causes problems with our gallery photo uploader which will not work in this browser.

Therefore we recommend that anyone who has upgraded to the IE10 browser should use Firefox or Google Chrome browsers when editing their website.

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For all general support issues please use this form.


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